Accelerator Learning Day: Cash

Accelerator Learning Day : Cash

When: Sept 13, 2018

Where: Thompson Conference Center

Time: 7:30am-4:00pm

Attire: Business Casual

Description: The first law of entrepreneurial gravity is “Growth Sucks Cash”.

“You can get by with decent people, decent strategy, decent execution…

But not a day without CASH!

You run out of cash… Game over!” – Verne Harnish

Are you aware of your Cash Conversion Cycle (CCC) which measures companywide how long it takes between when you spend a dollar (marketing, design, rent, wages, etc.) until you get that dollar back?

It’s time to understand and ensure profitability and strengthen the Wealth Building Capacity of your business. You’ll get answers to questions such as when should you re-invest in the business, when should you take cash out of the business and diversify, and what is a good price to sell at if you’re at that point.


Please bring your Rolling 12 P&L and Balance Sheet. You will need to have your current and previous period Revenue, Owner’s compensation, Taxes Paid, Operating Expenses and Net Profit numbers in order to get the most out of the CASH day.