Jeff Hoffman / Howard Shore

When: September 4, 2018

Where: Hotel Ella – Grand Ballroom


8:00-11:30am: Howard Shore talk

12-1pm: Jeff Hoffman talk

Attire: Business Casual


Jeff Hoffman: Leaving a Legacy

If you travel quite a bit, there’s one billionaire you definitely want to thank…and that’s Jeff Hoffman. Jeff helped transform the antiquated booking system for flights into the system you use today. He also created the kiosks you use to print your boarding pass instead of standing in line. And if that wasn’t enough disruption, he co-founded Come be inspired.

Howard Shore, author of Your Business Is A Leaky Bucket: Learn how to supercharge your cash flow story

What would you do if you could learn a few moves every 90 days that are worth significant cash flow for any business regardless of its size or level success? We are not talking about cutting costs, getting a loan or a line of credit, or financial statement manipulation. This is about finding out how leading your business in a different way produces more growth, causes more profit, and drives more cash. Every business has as many as 21 ways to significantly improve their cash flow by leading your business differently. The best part is our ideas are practical and actionable.


  • Improve cash immediately using actionable ideas.
  • Identify the value of those ideas
  • Learn to read your financial story differently