Sandler Training, together with the ABJ, presents a highly interactive workshop on the practical principles of leadership. The workshop is not an academic exercise or theory. You and/or your employees will leave with sound leadership practices that are necessary for any growing organization.

Each participant receives a copy of the book Transforming Leaders the Sandler Way along with a full color companion deck of 52 cards as a teaching and reinforcement tool.

Date: September 8, 2016
Time: 7:30a – 12:00p
RSVP by: September 2nd
Cap: 20
Topics Include:

  • Personal Power: Your understanding of the abilities and special skills that have made your past successes possible
  • Conviction: Your ability to communicate in a positive way about what you think and feel strongly about
  • Charisma: Your ability to connect effectively, quickly and deeply with others
  • People skills: Your ability to “read” people and influence them based on your impressions
  • Courage: Your ability to feel secure in a situation and make others feel secure
  • Ethics: Your willingness to act in accordance with clear, consistent principles that connect to a sense of right and wrong
  • Expertise: The practical, specific wisdom that causes others to say “Wow! I didn’t see it that way.”

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