Lead Like a Warrior, with Todd Hanna + US Marine corps work out


This is an interactive, experiential session designed to help executives understand what it means to “Lead Like a Warrior”. This presentation is designed to help members and their teams to:

  • Understand military leadership principles
  • Engage the discussion/practice of military leadership principles
  • Transfer “lesson learned” from military leadership to corporate leadership

Activities will include hands-on, scenario-based training/discussion such as tactical decision games, as well as real-world corporate and military cases/scenarios for discussion.

Following the leadership session, Todd will lead/facilitate a one hour military style workout. The workout will be based on the Marine Corps “Combat Fitness Test”, as well as additional team-based, military-style exercises.


Expected take-away lessons:

  1. The privilege and responsibility of leadership (playing with lives)
  2. The necessity of trust (the foxhole test)
  3. The need for safety ( comfort versus discomfort)
  4. The value of a “people first” culture (mission first, Marines always)
  5. The advantage of accountability (commander’s intent)
  6. The power of example (ductus exemplo)

About Todd

Todd has extensive experience creating, leading, and improving organizations in the for-profit, nonprofit, and military environments. His unique combination of real world, personal, and professional leadership experience(s) allow him to empathize with, understand, and guide the organizations and individual he works with. He has served at every level of organizational leadership from tactical to strategic, and has led departments, teams, and entire organizations. He has led and coached others through      major organizational initiatives/change, life-changing events and crises, and continual leadership and performance improvement.

Todd won the “Austin Under 40 Award” for his leadership, and the organizations he led received several awards including “Fast 50” and “Best places to work”.

In addition to his personal leadership experience, Todd has coached and trained hundreds of individuals and organizations on leadership, performance improvement, and change management.


When: October 13, 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Open to: Members + 3 Guests
RSVP by: Sept 16th!
Cap: 60
*You will be working out, please come prepared.

For details on EO member events, contact communications@eoaustin.com