Blake Garrett is the Founder and CEO of Aceable, a mobile-first education platform that transforms stale institutional knowledge into practical understanding. Since founding Aceable three years ago, the team of 50 has educated over 500,000 customers and has raised $9 million dollars from Silveron, Floodgate and a slew of other angels.

Blake started his career as a systems integration consultant for EY. While at EY, Blake developed his passion for education by founding the EY Austin collegeMAP program that helps high school juniors and seniors get through graduation and into college. After six years at E&Y, Blake decided to follow his passion for education and his entrepreneurial instincts to start Aceable.

Blake’s always had a love for education and technology and his goal for Aceable is to use technology to make an improvement on the lives of the people that use the product. Blake earned a BS in Accounting from Boston College. When not working, Blake spends his time reading, working out, traveling, and watching his favorite Bay area sports teams. We asked Blake a few questions:

Why did you join EO Austin?

BG: I joined EO for three big reasons. First, I want to continue my growth as an entrepreneur by surrounding myself with the best of the best. Second, I hope to help others grow by sharing my past, current and future experiences. Lastly, I want to live life to the fullest through awesome experiences with people I respected and admire.

What do you feel is your biggest challenge in business this year? Last year?

Over the last year we’ve grown from a team of 30 to a team of 65. As a first time entrepreneur, I’ve worked extremely hard to tackle the learning curve at the same pace as our company growth. Some days my growth is in step and others (feels like the majority) it’s a step or two behind. It’s been an extremely difficult and exhilarating challenge.

Provide three words that summarize your experience in EO thus far:

humbling, inspiring, lucky.


About Aceable

Aceable is a mobile education platform that focuses on creating affordable, engaging and convenient educational content across all devices. Built by former teachers, NASA engineers, and those passionate about education, the Austin-based team is obsessed with helping people with life’s certification challenges. After launching its first mobile app to provide accredited driver’s ed courses, Aceable is now expanding into other verticals for required education. To date, Aceable touts more than 400,000 users and counting, as it continues to expand nationwide.

Every year, 40 million Americans complete licensure and certification training.  Starting with Driver Education and Real Estate Education Aceable empowers these people to thrive by delivering innovative, outcome-focused license and training courses. Before Aceable, these courses were an ineffective burden. With Aceable, these courses open life’s doors.