Why did you join EO Austin?
I joined EO Austin so that I could surround myself with successful entrepreneurs to learn from their experiences while hopefully being able to help others with my own experiences.

Provide three words that summarize your experience in EO thus far?
Humbling, eye-opening, fun

What do you feel has been the biggest benefit of your membership and why?
The forum experience is the most consistent benefit of membership, but my time in EO has taught me “hacks” to running my business that have completely revolutionized the way Patriot Pool and Spa operates, allowing our team to be better aligned while freeing me up to focus on a vision for our company that could not have been possible before EO.

About Hal
Hal Denbar has been an EO member since February 2017. Hal is a well-recognized leader within the Texas swimming pool industry having served on the boards of IPSSA (Independent Pool and Spa Service Association) and APEC (Aquatic Professionals Education Council). As a former APEC board member, he has represented the swimming pool industry and consumer in front of the Texas legislature on multiple occasions. Hal is a native Austinite and he holds a BA in history from Texas A&M University. Hal is married to his high school sweetheart, Laura, and they have two daughters Ella & Haddie.

About Patriot Pool and Spa
Patriot Pool and Spa provides swimming pool cleaning, and equipment installation and repair to the greater Austin market. Founded in 2006 as a 1-person pool cleaning company, Patriot has grown an average of 84% year over year during its 12 year life on little more than positive word of mouth. Patriot’s growth has been a result of its focus on building a team with qualities that are typically foreign to the swimming pool service industry: positive attitudes, passion for the highest quality of work, and communicating at an excellent level.