Why did you join EO Austin?
I’ve been part of EO for 6 years now, and it has been an amazing experience.  I had a lot of friend in EO that had been asking me to join, but I had been focused in several non-profits as well as trying to grow my business. I didn’t feel like I had the time to join an organization that’s sole focus was professional growth.  When I finally did decide to join, the forum training opened my eyes.  It was the 5% sharing that was so knew to me as well as the gestalt method.  It’s helped in communication in my business and specifically in communication with my wife.  I’ve always been a person who had trouble sharing and kept feeling close.  EO has helped me open up in every part of my life


How and why do you stay active?
You always hear that EO is a carry your own bag organization, and you get what you put into it.  I’ve put a lot in over the year, but I’ve taken much more.  We mirror the core values in our company, and I’m always taking back what I learn to my team.  EOers are always learning, and that’s what I love most about the organization.  Inspiration drives me, and everyone I meet in this organization drives that inspiration and makes me want to be better and do better


What do you feel is the biggest benefit in membership, and why?
Most people will say forum, and that is a tremendous value.  Its having your own board of advisors, and that’s the amazing part of it.  Again, for me, it’s more selfish than that.  I’m driven by the success around me, and my company is better b/c of what I learn from everyone I meet.  The competitive person in me is inspired to live up to the core values of EO and the peers I’ve been fortunate enough to get close to.  My wife and I also struggle with entitlement when it comes to raising our children.  Theres a humble nature to the people in EO, and they have similar struggles in raising a family.  I want my children to be appreciative of where they came from and not grow up entitled.  Putting them around other families in EO is an outstanding way to drive the perspective


What do you feel is your biggest challenge in business this year? Last year?
I recently started a new business with an idea that I came up with.  I don’t know that I ever would have had the courage to do that if it wasn’t for EO.  Again, I’m pushed to do more out of my comfort zone.  The biggest challenge for me is definitely the decision to start this new endeavor, and I have EO to thank for that.


What is your favorite thing about being an entrepreneur? Biggest challenge?
I’m a tinkerer, and for me, my favorite thing about being an entrepreneur is taking an idea and making it a reality.  There’s great responsibility in growing a company, and employing people that rely on your decision to feed their family.  That’s the biggest challenge that I lose sleep over, but also the most rewarding


Provide three words that summarize your experience in EO thus far
Inspired, motivated, grateful


What would you say EO has or provides that no other group does?
EO is AA for entrepreneurs; it provides an outlet to let us know we’re not alone.  The things that keep me up at night are the same things that keep EOers up, and it’s comforting to know that and know that we have a sharing mechanism to help us cope.


About Nad
Nad Elias has been in the search and recruiting industry for 15+ years. Recognized by the Texas Association of Personnel Consultants as one of the top 50 recruiters in Texas, he is known for consistently delivering on-target results and building high-performing teams.

Nad’s career has spanned all aspects of employer and people development.  He’s trained, lead, and developed recruiting organizations serving various industries, always focusing on the value-added services they provide when its done right.  His experience includes running executive searches and managing nationwide projects with companies ranging in size for start-up to the Fortune 500.  He began his career in the recruiting industry, and it’s all he’s ever known.

Austin is home to Nad and his family. A University of Texas graduate, he is also a member of the Austin Technology Council and was named finalist for the Austin Under 40 Award in 2013.  When he’s not chasing his two kids around, Nad tries to play basketball and enjoys a round of golf whenever he can fit it in!


About Recruitability.com
We began with the simple idea that recruiters should be a valued partner in the process of finding and retaining talent for the companies we serve.  We’ve created a model that shares accountability throughout the recruitment process and focuses on retaining the placed employee. recruitAbility’s scorecard approach and unique payment structure shares accountability by actively involving the company, the candidate, and a recruitAbility consultant for up to a year after the start date to ensure expectations are being met.  Companies and candidates we represent share accountability with us; its recruiting with accountability, recruitAbility!