What do you feel is the biggest benefit in membership, and why?
The biggest benefit is being able to reach out to any member within the entire organization world-wide in my industry to ask them to share their experiences. Being able to tap into an incredibly large pool of smart people is a major perk.

What would you tell a potential member considering joining EO?
I would tell that that owning a company is challenging and can be very lonely. There’s no book that teaches you how to do it mistake-free, you simply dive in, figure it out as you go and ultimately, sink or swim. To be able to have a network of professionals who are facing similar challenges and being able to learn from them and subsequently help each other is invaluable to your success and increases your chances of failing.

How do you see yourself providing value to other members?
I’m often called upon to help provide experiences and best practices pertaining to retail strategy, online marketing, public relations, social media, personal organization, time management, sales and general problem solving.

About Renée
Renée Rouleau is a trusted skin care expert and celebrity esthetician who has been helping men, women and teens attain healthy, glowing skin for more than 25 years. Her skin care product line, sold on her website and in her two Dallas skin care spas, addresses nine unique skin types with more than 50 products that blend the best of science and nature. Renée’s products are consistently cited on top sites and in magazines including Allure, Marie Claire,and Refinery29. She regularly travels to LA and NY to cater to an impressive VIP clientele.

While she is fairly new to Austin, she has been an EO member for 8 years having served on the board twice in Dallas as Membership Chair and Communications Chair. Her company, Renée Rouleau Skin Care just celebrated its 20th year anniversary and continues to experience strong growth, particularly online. She is a recipient of the Dallas Business Journal “ Woman in Business” award. Renée is married to Florian, who is the COO of her company. They regularly attend EO Universities around the globe and enjoy riding their motorcycles in their free time. They live on the East side of downtown with their Pit Bull rescue dog named Moby.