Why did you join EO Austin? And how and why do you stay active?
I got involved through the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards competition, an EO program designed for collegiate entrepreneurs. By participating in GSEA and later EO Accelerator, I was exposed to hundreds of entrepreneurs from around the world who mentored and supported me. By applying what I learned in these programs, I grew my business and in 2011 qualified to join EO officially. I remain active as a volunteer at the chapter and regional level to give back to other EO members the same way the organization gave so generously to me.

What do you feel is the biggest benefit in membership, and why?
Working closely with other entrepreneurs in forum and through my board service has given me the opportunity to learn from the leadership of others. By emulating great leadership that I have observed in my 10 years in EO, I have become a much better leader and my business and my employees have grown as a result.

What has been your favorite Learning event, and why?
Attending the EO Entrepreneurial Masters Program over the past two years has been the most concentrated learning experience I have had in my adult life. Getting to learn from one highly qualified business expert after another in an intimate setting with 60 other EO members has given me more inspiration and direction than any other learning experience I have attended.


About Tim
Tim Hamilton is a tech and business geek, a proud dad, husband and avid snowboarder. He was born and raised in South Africa and moved to Austin in 2002. There, he attended UT Austin, earning degrees in management information systems and economics. After competing in GSEA, Tim joined EO Accelerator in 2008. In the fall of 2011, he joined EO Austin and went on to serve as chapter president in 2015-2016.

Tim is passionate about entrepreneurship and innovation. He hosts the popular Commanding Business podcast, where he interviews authors, experts and real world leaders on innovation, leadership and business growth. Recent episodes include a talk with Karen Dillon, co-author with Clay Christensen of Competing Against Luck, and Christine Comaford, former White House advisor and author of SmartTribes.


About Praxent
Over 16 years ago, Tim founded Praxent. Now one of Austin’s leading software development firms, Praxent has helped over 300 businesses grow through the power of custom software.

True to its founder’s passion for entrepreneurship, Praxent partners with leaders to uncover the dormant potential within their organizations and empower them to achieve that potential through technology.