Board Members.

EO Board Members work to make a difference for fellow members by giving their time and expertise to amplify the membership experience throughout the year.  We encourage you to reach out with any questions or opportunities you may see to lift our organization to new heights.  The EO Austin board is proud to stand and lead amongst our group of visionary entrepreneurs and leaders.


  • Kevin Burns
    Kevin Burns Events
  • Denise Villa-Dorsey
    Denise Villa-Dorsey Events
  • Rusty Shelton
    Rusty Shelton Sponsorship
  • Steve Schaffer
    Steve Schaffer Accelerator
  • Monika Ostrowski
    Monika Ostrowski President
  • Tim Mooney
    Tim Mooney Membership
  • Michelle Houp
    Michelle Houp Communications
  • Brian Hall
    Brian Hall MyEO
  • Dan Graham
    Dan Graham Community
  • Mike Gerber
    Mike Gerber Mentorship
  • Don Fry
    Don Fry Accelerator
  • Evan Erdberg
    Evan Erdberg Integration
  • Hugo Diaz
    Hugo Diaz Forum
  • Hal Denbar
    Hal Denbar Membership
  • Jason Crawford
    Jason Crawford Moderator
  • Travis Wiedower
    Travis Wiedower Finance


2018-19     Monika Ostrowski
2017-18     Nad Elias
2016-17     Chris Taylor
2015-16     Tim Hamilton
2014-15     Brian Peters
2013-14     Dustin Wells
2012-13     Yuen Yung
2011-12     Alan Blake

2010-11    Corey Bell
2009-10    Doug Guller
2008-09    Derek Wright
2007-08    Chris Canada
2006-07    Eric Hennenhoefer
2005-06     Kelsey August
2004-05     Shari Wynne
2003-04     Mark Turner

2002-03     Richard Smalling
2001-02     David Baizer
2000-01     David Baizer
1999-00     Brent Stahl
1998-99     David Schockley
1997-98     David Schockley
1996-97     David Schockley

Interested in a Board Position?

If you are interested in being a part of the board for the 2019-2020 year please connect with us. The President-Elect is looking for great folks to fill these positions soon.  Apply today for an opportunity to claim your place in the most exclusive room in Austin.