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EO is bigger than business – it affects every aspect of our members lives. From peer-to-peer advice to provocative learning opportunities and once-in-a-lifetime experiences, EO is a lifestyle that breeds success and satisfaction.

Brian Hall of Traverse Legal, PLC

Traverse Legal, PLC is a law firm dedicated to founders, start-ups and emerging growth companies. With both transactional attorneys and litigators, we focus on Intellectual Property, Technology, [...]

Christa Tuttle of Launch Marketing

Christa Tuttle is the CEO and Founder of Launch Marketing, a boutique marketing firm who helps B2B tech oriented companies generate demand for their products or services and build a sales [...]

Blake Garrett of Aceable

Blake Garrett is the Founder and CEO of Aceable, a mobile-first education platform that transforms stale institutional knowledge into practical understanding. Since founding Aceable three years [...]

Nad Elias of Recruitability

Nad Elias has been in the search and recruiting industry for 15+ years. Recognized by the Texas Association of Personnel Consultants as one of the top 50 recruiters in Texas, he is known for [...]

Tim Hamilton of Praxent

Tim Hamilton is a tech and business geek, a proud dad, husband and avid snowboarder. He was born and raised in South Africa and moved to Austin in 2002. There, he attended UT Austin, earning [...]

Scott Thomas of Intelechy Group

As the Founder and President of Intelechy Group, Scott Thomas has partnered with notable clients such as HP, AT&T, Microsoft, Cisco Systems, Dell, Siemens, and Yahoo, to deliver highly successful [...]

Monika Ostrowski of Narrative Edge

Since moving to Austin, Monika became the Co-President of TeXchange for 2 years (150 person organization that meets monthly to lead discussion between medium size tech entrepreneurs and VC/PE [...]

Forum Experience: Guatemala Skeet

I read a chapter announcement and noticed Edgar Sandoval and his forum were coming in for the F1 weekend. Being I have a huge desire to be a very hospitable chapter to EO travelers, I reached [...]

Juan Rodriguez of Klever Logic

Klever Logic is a parking technology company with a suite of products that together are reinventing parking for both consumers and parking operators. All Klever Logic products—Flash Valet, [...]

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