EO Austin is offering two types of mentorship programs for 2016/2017 – Member-To-Member Mentorships and AISD Student, Inc. Mentorships. Review the information below to see how you can guide others, or be guided, through the the entrepreneurial journey.


Member-To-Member Mentorships

You can serve as a Mentor for, or receive mentorship as a Mentee from, your fellow EO Austin members.  In order to be eligible to participate, those interested must complete and submit the Mentorship Application. Applicants will be matched with the best fit (given the information provided). Applications are due September 30th.  

The Mentorship Committee will host a Launch Event on Thursday, November 17, beginning at noon (venue to be announced).  It is important that Mentorship participants attend the Launch Event, as there will be an EO Trainer on hand to provide experience sharing and best practices for maximum benefit out of the Mentorship Program.  In addition, we will serve lunch before, and drinks/appetizers after, the training.


AISD Student, Inc. Mentorship

EO Austin is offering opportunities to mentor Austin Independent School District (AISD) students participating in Student, Inc., an entrepreneurial program in its second year with AISD.  Download the Student INC program overview PDF for more details about the volunteering opportunities. 

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