MyEO is all about what EO members value most: once-in-a-lifetime experiences, connections to experts and peer-to-peer learning – driven by YOUR preferences and passions.

Unleash Your Imagination

MyEO is about members hosting MyEO Events, forming MyEO Groups and creating personalized MyEO Forums geared toward their unique interests.

MyEO Groups

Take your EO experience a step further— engage a new network of peers united to focus on business, passion or lifestyle. MyEO Groups use existing social media platforms, like Facebook and Google Groups, leveraging in a central location for promotion exclusively to EO members.

MyEO Group Examples: Passionate Parents, MyEO Poker, Adrenaline Junkie

MyEO Events

Take advantage of MyEO events geared specifically toward your passions! Events can include family, lifestyle, business, adventure, bucket list and social enterprise. Through the MyEO platform members, chapters and regions can either participate or champion new events.

MyEO Event Examples: Alcatraz Swim, Holy Land Discovery 2016, Hunting Trip South Africa

MyEO Forums

Join special Forums based on passion, geography, industry or other common interests. Based on EO Forum rules and best practices, MyEO Forums meet regularly to connect peers locally, regionally and globally.

MyEO Forum Examples: EMP Marketing & Advertising, Scaling Up, IT Services

MyEO: TX Forum Olympics

MyEO group dedicated to a day of friendly competition among members exclusively from Texas EO Chapters. Sign up online.


EO Austin Golfers! This is a casual group for organizing a round of golf with other EO members. If you’ve got a set of golf clubs and some free time, then you’re in. All skill levels welcome. Share when and where you play, and when you’re looking for other players. See you on the course! Sign up online.

Deals Network

For EO members sharing ideas and resources to maximize their success in mergers, acquisitions, financings, and new business ventures.  Sign up online.

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