What is your favorite thing about being an entrepreneur? Biggest challenge?
My favorite thing about being an entrepreneur is bringing a vision to reality. I came from a corporate environment and there was always a safety net. As scary and difficult as it can be at times, living without a safety net leads to much more satisfaction in the long-run.


What would you say EO has or provides that no other group does?
EO provides a supportive and peer mentorship environment that is unmatched. The Forum experience provides a non-judgmental and peer supportive model that enables entrepreneurs to leverage a community of like-minded people.


About Scott
As the Founder and President of Intelechy Group, Scott Thomas has partnered with notable clients such as HP, AT&T, Microsoft, Cisco Systems, Dell, Siemens, and Yahoo, to deliver highly successful and results-driven go-to-market strategies. With intricate knowledge of branding, IT consulting, software implementation, and competitive analysis, he founded Intelechy Group in 2008 after realizing a gap in the market.

Today, Scott’s expertise is sought after by companies nationwide. His work on Dell’s award-winning Warranty Expiration Notification program has gained global recognition and generates over $250 million in annual revenue. Due to his vast knowledge of B2B marketing and lead generation, he has been invited to speak at prestigious conferences such as the Integrated Marketing Summit and TSIA’s Technology Services World Conference, which hosts industry leaders in the fields of technology and marketing automation. Scott is also a featured writer for elite publications such as Texas CEO Magazine and the Austin Business Journal.

An active member of the community, he has served on the board of the Young Men’s Business League, is the former president of Habitat Young Professionals, and is an avid supporter of the Center for Child Protection, GENaustin, and Ballet Austin. He has also been a finalist for Austin’s 40 Under 40 Awards two years in a row.


About Intelechy Group:

Intelechy Group is a revenue growth agency, specializing in marketing technology, big data, and demand generation. With clients including Dell, Exclusive Resorts, and AMD, Intelechy’s team of unmatched marketers believe in unlocking the potential within companies to maximize profits while building and solidifying brand equity.

For more information, including a full client list and latest press, visit intelechygroup.com