Member Spotlight: Jason Crawford of Bixby Zane

Jason Crawford

Why did you join EO Austin?

To have access the other entrepreneurs to not have to go in alone with the tough decision making.  Also, to have better access to see everyone else is doing, so I could follow other people in best practices.

How and why do you stay active?

Gained way too much to ever not be active when I qualify.  I have benefited immensely and financially being part of EO.

What do you feel is the biggest benefit in membership and why?

Forum and general access to a fantastic group of entrepreneurs.

What has been your favorite Learning event, and why?

Cameron Herold and Sam Ismail. Just fantastic takeaways and business insight.

What has been your favorite Forum experience, and why?

Airing my issues, and practicing the hard conversations that I need to have in the real world.

What would you tell a potential member considering joining EO?

Do it yesterday.

About Jason

Jason Crawford has been a proud member of EO since 2014. He is the co-founder of Bixby Zane, an outsourced solutions group that focuses on helping clients lower their cost of doing business through Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs).

After working directly for a PEO for four years, Crawford saw a key ingredient missing in the relationship between providers and their clients: customer service that was consistent, ongoing and personal.

Determined to fill this gap, Crawford built Bixby Zane and its first-class qualified Outsource Provider Network. His partnership with the best PEO providers in the high-risk and high-hazard business sectors delivers the economies of scale and administration services needed to lower costs through efficiencies.

About Bixby Zane

Since 2003 Bixby Zane has been a leader of focused sales efforts for Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) that specialize in some of the highest risk sectors.

Our agency network allows us to work closely with insurance agents to find long-term alternatives to traditional worker’s compensation and payroll options.

Today the company’s Professional Employer Portfolio represents over $300 million in payroll processing and $40 million in insurance premiums and delivers efficiencies and economies of scale that drive down costs for a broad clientele.

Their unwavering focus has been set on helping create safer workplaces and donating 1% of their revenue back to non-profit organizations including Soul Thirst, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Texas, Austin Sunshine Camps, and many more.