EO Forum

Our most highly rated member benefit, Forum is designed to meet your unique needs as an entrepreneur and help you reach new measures of success and significance.

Held monthly, Forum meetings allow you to dig deep, personally and professionally, in a safe and non-judgmental environment. Moderator-trained EO members guide the sessions, which emphasize confidentiality, personal responsibility and lessons learned.

Members don’t give advice; they speak from prior experience, letting you draw your own conclusions on how to best proceed. Upon joining EO, your chapter’s Forum Chair will work to get you in a Forum, and will ensure that you are placed with the right number and mix of business owners to avoid sharing the room with competitors.

Our Forum program is under constant development and improvement, and new groups—like MyEO, regional and Spousal Forums—are always in formation at the chapter level. In fact, we now offer five new formats in our Advanced Forum Series, all of which dive deeper into specific challenges faced by the entrepreneur. You can join a Forum in your area as a member of EO.

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Spousal Forum

The Spousal Forum is a safe environment where EO members’ spouses have the opportunity to share experiences and learn from each other. We discuss business, personal growth and family topics, and we also have fun!

We follow the same rules and structure as the members’ forums, and each group is ruled by a different Constitution that the forum creates together.

We also have retreats that are planned by each forum and can attend some of the EO events.

Why join?

To be part of a group that provides unconditional support and helps you grow. A group of friends you can rely on, that accompany you through the ups and downs of life. A network that you can share your struggles and victories with and will go out of their way to lend you a hand.

Encouragement, accountability, diversity, experience, friendship, fun, tears and laughter are among the many things that we share as a group.

Who participates?

We are the spouses of EO members from different walks of life. Everything from entrepreneurs, house makers, managers, moms, business owners, realtors, you name it!

What does the time commitment look like?

Each forum meets once a month. Some of them go to dinner after the meeting and some have a social event besides the meeting. The duration of the meeting and the schedule is decided by each group.

We have a retreat once a year (some groups even do it twice a year!) that consists of a longer meeting, and most of us travel and spend several days together.

Going to the spa, hiking, white water rafting, skiing, horseback riding, and relaxing time at the beach are among the many things that we do for our retreats. This time allows for group bonding and experience sharing, making the forums stronger.

How do I get started?

It is not mandatory to join a spousal forum, but it is part of the dues that each member pays. If you want to understand firsthand what these groups experience, reach out to [email protected].