EO helps entrepreneurs achieve their full potential

Explore the growing range of exclusive EO member benefits. As a member of EO, you gain access to a wide variety of tailor-made benefits designed to help you grow your business and become a better leader.


Benefits & Programs

We help transform the lives of the entrepreneurs who transform the world. See how EO helps entrepreneurs achieve their full potential.


The highest-rated benefit of EO membership, a Forum fosters peer-to-peer sharing between members in a trusted and confidential environment. Looking to draw from the expertise that only another entrepreneur would have? Forum offers a format where the complex intersections between your business, personal life and community engagement can all be addressed head-on, so that you can achieve fulfillment in all of your endeavors.

Chapter Events

EO is bringing the world’s leading speakers and visionaries to your doorstep. Once you’ve joined a chapter, you will be invited to a series of local and regional events designed to cover a broad array of topics in varying formats and venues. There’s no limit to the ingenuity and innovation at our chapter events, so go ahead and dream big.

Regional & Global Events

Learn from today’s leading business minds at global events, where you can network with your like minded peers while enjoying once-in-a-lifetime experiences in unique destinations.

Bridge Forum & Events

Bridge chapters enable members to amplify their entrepreneurial journey by uniting with peers beyond their local community. A bridge chapter will drive regional value and connection while serving the unique demands of your schedule by offering familiar benefits in a flexible format and frequency that works for busy entrepreneurs.

Executive Education

At the core of EO’s mission is an unrelenting commitment to help young entrepreneurs learn and grow on a personal and professional level.


Looking to share your passions with other entrepreneurs? MyEO is the only entrepreneur program that allows EO Members to curate a tailor-made experience around their specific interests and passions by creating MyEO Groups and Events so they may get the exact experience they value.

EO Mentorship

EO Mentorship is a chapter-driven program for EO designed to help them learn and grow as business owners.

On-Demand Learning

The EO Learning Platform provides on-demand access to educational content including webinars, executive education learning events, interviews with entrepreneurial thought-leaders and more! Access is included with your membership.


Leading business service providers, luxury brands and agencies have partnered with EO in your chapters, regions and beyond to deliver exclusive benefits.

Leadership Experience

Our member base is actively involved in the leadership and stewardship of the entire organization. EO provides a path to leadership that includes, among others, local committees, board positions, regional councils, global advisory task forces and committees in specialized functions.

Member Journey


Do you often wonder how highly successful companies create sustainable growth? Accelerator is designed to give you the tools, direction, and feedback you need to propel your business above $1 million in annual revenue in 3 years or less.

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Entrepreneurs’ Organization is a high-quality support network of 14,000+ like-minded leaders across 61 countries. We help entrepreneurs achieve their full potential through the power of life-enhancing connections, shared experiences and collaborative learning.

EO Bold
EO Bold

EO Bold is a division within EO Austin for entrepreneurs whose company has achieved $10M+ in annual revenue or had a $10M+ exit in the last 7 years. This group brings invaluable wisdom to the entire chapter through their experience and mentorship opportunities.


Application Process


Application Review

Once received, your application will be reviewed by your local or bridge chapter to ensure that all criteria is met.


Chapter Communication

Upon receipt of your application, your local chapter will schedule an interview with you to further explore your interest in EO.


EO Network

When your application is accepted, you will gain access to Forum, Chapter and Global events, as well as a wide variety of other member benefits. Discover the benefits available to you.


Orientation and Training

Within the first three months of membership, you will partake in an EO orientation from a member of the EO staff. You will also go through Forum training and be placed in a Forum.


Member Dues

Member fees comprise of both Global and Chapter dues. Global dues are currently US$2,470 (plus a one-time US$3,000 initiation fee) and are prorated based on the fiscal month you join. Chapter dues differ depending on your chapter’s policies.


Looking for help with the most difficult challenges you face as a business owner? You’ve come to the right place. Membership in the Entrepreneurs’ Organization is by invitation only.

To qualify, you must:

Be the founder, co-founder, owner or controlling shareholder of a company.

Hold one of the above titles for a company that grosses more than $2 million annually or apply for accelerator at more than $250,000.

For venture-backed companies to qualify for membership they must have privately raised funds of US$2M or publically raised funds of US$5M, and 10 full-time employees. Venture backed companies have three years before they must meet the standard qualification of US$1M in gross annual revenue.

Members pay both chapter and Global dues in one annual membership payment. Global dues are currently US$2470 plus a one-time US$2500 initiation fee, and are prorated based on the fiscal quarter you join.

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